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The „WE“ is ondeso: Jana Janich

Whether Design Sprint, Kanban, Scrum, Design Thinking or OKR, our product and UX designer Jana strengthens the ondeso team since 2019 and finds a suitable agile working method for every project and every challenge. With her support, we have already been able to put many ideas and concepts on paper or on the screen. What can you look forward to in a workshop with Jana? It will be colorful, creative, sometimes a bit unconventional and you will definitely have a lot of fun.

But you can count on Jana for more than just workshops and working methods. As a permanent member of the product management team, she is also responsible for prototyping and the continuous development of our software solutions so that our customers and partners enjoy ondeso products as much as we do. We are excited to hear what else you will tell us about yourself in the interview. Here we go:


Let’s start with a quick Q&A session:


Which country would you like to visit?
I don’t even know where to start. My list is very long! I have already visited Denmark, Sweden and Norway but of course there is still a lot to discover. Iceland is my preferred destination for my next journey because of its unique landscape. I could imagine that the next trip goes there.

What is your favorite season?
That’s easy, definitely spring! On the one hand it means that winter is over and on the other hand that my birthday is coming up. I like the mood of new beginnings when everything is green again and you can do a lot of things outside.

Which superhero would you like to be?
I’m Batman. Because I’m not a big fan of superpowers, Batman and Iron Man are my real favorites. Through smart use of technology, both are at the top of their respective universes as superheroes, saving the world without any supernatural talent.

Would you rather be able to fly or to breathe underwater?
If I had to choose one, I would prefer flying because water is not necessarily my element. It would be so much easier to get from A to B and the environment would certainly thank me. In addition, no more long waiting times at the airport. I would say: Iceland, here I come!

What is the most exciting thing about your job at ondeso?
Definitely the versatility. As a product designer, I act as a creative problem solver and have many intersections with other departments of the company. It applies here to combine software development, user interactions and graphic design.


Now things are about to get serious:  


What exactly is your job at ondeso and what does a typical working day look like for you?

The best thing about my job is that there is no typical workday. Being responsible for the product design of our software, I consider all user interactions with ondeso products to provide a positive and consistent user experience. A developed solution concept includes, among other things, function definitions, interaction design and an information architecture packaged in an intuitive and visually appealing user interface. To bring innovations to life, I set myself the task to establish iterative methods for solving complex challenges in the company. When developing or optimizing our products, we work with the design thinking process and use the mindset to develop perfect solutions for ondeso users. Depending on the topic and objective, the process is run through by using different methods. The right strategy is particularly important and that’s why it’s necessary in my job to stay up to date and follow trends.

When we set a new goal to optimize our software, I work closely with all departments at ondeso. As soon as I have gathered enough information about the users’ needs and problems, I develop the first ideas for solutions. For more complex challenges, we use creativity workshops, including Design Sprints, to come up with the perfect concept. The implementation of a prototype with which the developed concept can be tested is particularly important. Only through direct feedback from tests can I further optimize the solution concepts. If we can meet all the user’s needs with the solution, we move on to the realization.


How would your colleagues describe you?

Probably as creative, dedicate and full of drive. I’m a doer and am always happy to help. It’s important to me to involve my colleagues in the product development cycle because only as a team we can achieve the best possible results.


What did you want to become as a child and what led you to ondeso?

Do you know Karla Kolumna? I’ve always been interested in a lot of subjects, so for a long time I saw myself in the role of a roving reporter and photographer. The first software I used was a graphic editor but I wanted to learn more and take a look behind the scenes. I decided to study computer science and directly followed up with a master’s degree in software engineering. At first this meant a change of course but after some time I realized that it is possible to combine this two different fields. So here I am. As a product and UX designer at ondeso, I can live out both: my expertise as a computer scientist and my creative streak. As a part of a great team, I have the opportunity to revolutionize OT infrastructures.


Thanks for your time Jana!


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