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The „WE” is ondeso: Nicole Schönhuber

Data protection, occupational safety or QM – where others already let their heads hang down, Nicole really gets going. Nicole started out in 2015 as an assistant to the management and has been developing steadily over the years. Since the beginning of 2019, she has been responsible for the QM (Quality Management) department, ensuring that our high quality requirements and goals for processes and internal procedures are met. With structure and the optimal solutions for our company, she masters all projects and also knows ondeso and its employees like the back of her hand through her former assistant position.

We are sure that we can also count on Nicole for planned certifications. But before these preparations, analyses and audits start, we would like to interview her about her daily work at ondeso.


Let’s start with a quick Q&A session:


Team early bird or team “nothing happens before noon”?
Clearly team early bird. My weekdays start quite early with my sports program. Then I have already done the most unpleasant to-do of the day and come to work wide awake and in a good mood. But on weekends I prefer to take it more relaxed.

If you could be someone else for a day, who would you be?
I love reading biographies and there have been and still are so many interesting personalities who have experienced a lot, achieved a lot, or even changed the world. If I had to choose one person, I would like to be Alexander von Humboldt for one day.

What is the most exciting thing about your job at ondeso?
The most exciting thing is certainly that rules, laws and standards can be implemented in a creative and modern way. The HOW is very rarely predetermined. Only the result counts. I also enjoy the fact that I am allowed to work with all departments and thus gain insight into the everyday work of my colleagues.

Beach holiday or nature and mountain climbing?
Worldwide backpacking. If there is a beach or mountain on the tour, that’s okay. But what I enjoy most is the metropolis, different cultures, delicious food, the contact to locals and not knowing where I will be the day after tomorrow. The more varied and free, the better. I am particularly fond of Asia.

You end up on a desert island. What three things are you taking with you?
1. My husband: Together, it is not quite so lonely on the island. And maybe he gets to take three things with him too?
2. A sharp knife: survival tool number 1
3. My e-book reader packed with books and a solar charger: hopefully, there are good books in there that explain how to survive on a desert island and get away as quickly as possible.


Now things are about to get serious:


What exactly is your job at ondeso and what does a typical working day look like for you?

I was the management assistant at ondeso for over four years. The company has grown steadily and over the years I have taken on many different tasks and responsibilities. Since ondeso offers every employee the opportunity for further development, and new departments have formed during the growth, I was recently able to specialize in my three “favorite areas” as Quality Manager.

I am now responsible for the implementation of and compliance with laws and regulations in the areas of data protection and occupational safety. These topics have a high priority at ondeso and I work closely with our external specialists.  The topic of standards and certification will also take up a large part of my area of responsibility in the future.

A typical working day begins with the e-mail and calendar check. Since most of my topics are rather long-term projects, I can plan my working days well. Sometimes, however, I also take on (sub-)projects outside of my department, such as the introduction of a time recording program for the personnel department, or I collaborate on the creation of our user manual.


How would your colleagues describe you?

My colleagues would probably describe me as organized, reliable, versatile and helpful. I like it neat and structured, I finish my tasks, and through my professional experience and further education I can and do know a lot in many areas (and things I don’t know, I like to learn).

As an assistant to the management, I was responsible for personnel matters, among other things, and thus had to deal with really every employee. I had an open ear for everyone and always helped when I could. I hope that this has earned me many sympathy points, which I can use in the future as a data protection and quality assurance manager.


What did you want to become as a child and what led you to ondeso?

I wanted to be a writer. Even as a child I loved to read a lot and always wanted to write my own book. Maybe I will write my own exciting biography one day, or an adventure novel? Currently I am writing a book, because at ondeso I am part of the project team that writes the user manual for our software. It is going to be a bestseller!

I came to ondeso through the job advertisement as assistant to the management. Although I already had the contract from another company to sign on the day of the interview, I decided to go with ondeso. Even the job interview was very different from other companies. There was much more life, energy and enthusiasm to be felt. The asked questions were also not the classic ones you know from other interviews. ondeso was not only looking for the perfect report card or certificate for the job, but also the person with all his or her experience, qualifications and values. That convinced me and that has proved true to this day.


Thanks for your time Nicole!


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