Secure Data Transport

Minimising the risk of data drain or data manipulation by shutting down the interfaces of your system might be an easily implemented and efficient measure; however, it is not a viable concept for day-to-day production.

Using ondeso DC solves this problem. Both your own employees and external service providers must be able to import or retrieve data during improvements, modifications or updates. A “scan station” at the entrance of your production or the access points of your facility monitors and verifies the integrity of introduced data media according to company requirements. USB flash drives which are to be applied only at stations with offline use, will only receive clearance for dedicated end devices and only for defined periods of time.

In case your OT environment is completely networked, a technician can check in his data with plant security via ondeso DC, get clearance from one of your employees and then will be able to process data on the end device. Inversely, one of your employees can check and approve what data is allowed to be taken out.


ondeso DC

ondeso DC allows the secure use of USB storage media in the production environment, including testing, permissions and logging.


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