• Active management of components
  • Inventory of all existing components
  • Central information system
  • System data backup
  • Patch management in frequent intervals
  • Software distribution and update management
  • Automation of configuration specifications

The digital tool box for maintenance 4.0

ondeso SR allows you to manage infrastructure in a production environment without any effort and to establish sustainable system maintenance. The infrastructure analysis of the network informs you constantly about changes of the network components and holds the gained data available – neatly arranged in a central asset management. Security relevant attributes can be viewed as well, and if necessary, be adjusted just like the backing up of the systems.

ondeso SR provides opportunities to distribute, install, and maintain software as well as operating system updates and patches. It is also possible to configure the managed systems via automated tasks, and the system can be installed automatically according to your requirements until it is ready to go into production. During operations, downtimes are documented by task tracking supplemented by automatic and manual entries. This enables you to keep track of all relevant KPIs.



Analysing existing infrastructure is a basic module of ondeso SR. This allows you to scan your network in a time-controlled manner, compile an overall picture of asset information, which allows you to manage it effortlessly and simultaneously. Finally, evaluations can be presented in a user-defined view.



Decide yourself what will be backed up where, and how. With ondeso SR, you can plan your backup strategy in a way that enables every authorised person to start it without the slightest problems. After a single configuration, backing up your data can be integrated smoothly into day-to-day operations of your production.



Updates of operation systems and programme installations gain more and more relevance in manufacturing facilities. ondeso SR allows you to either run them in the background or to prepare them to be carried out immediately when scheduled or unscheduled machine downtimes occur.



Our solution offers you a quick and comprehensive overview of the security status of your OT components. Not only can you detect deviations immediately, but also react to them in a standardised and quick manner.



Our “tool box” full of ActionItems allows you to automate nearly every task you would otherwise carry out on a PC. Fixing errors becomes an easily performed task, even in shift operation.



Documenting maintenance and servicing in a digital format has many advantages and can help you locate solutions for an already known problem quickly. Thanks to predefined reports, evaluations including current data can be generated in a flash.


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Technical Requirements


ondeso requires a Microsoft Windows Server 2016 or a newer version as server component, as well as a Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Instance. Additionally, a share via SMB, CIFS or DFS is required, which can also be provided on this server. Optionally, an existing active directory can be used for authentication.


On OT clients, at least Windows XP SP3 or Windows Server 2003 SP1, respectively, are required for full functional range. Hardware requirements are 1 physical core, 20 MB RAM and 150 MB hard drive capacity. For Linux, the basic function of inventory is currently offered.



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