Here you will find answers to your questions about topics such as active directory connection, domains and frameworks.


Do I need an active directory?

No, ondeso has their own user administration which can be used without an existing active directory (AD) However, an already existing AD can optionally be used for logging in.


Does the client require an installed Framework/Runtime (e.g. NET or Java)?

No, ondeso delivers a readily built and not interpreted client component which does not require a Framework or Runtime environment. This is important to us, in order to keep the resource usage of the productions machines as low as possible.


Are Linux operations systems supported?

A Linux client is under development which will match the functional range of our existing Windows client in the foreseeable future, thanks to the flexible and quick software development at ondeso. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have specific requirements.


What is the performance like?

Experiences show, that several thousand devices per instance can be running without problems. From a certain quantity of devices there are some technical requirements, but we do know about it. Already during planning phase we point that out to you and present approaches for solving this to you. Should you have any concerns about it, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time. We gladly answer all your questions.


Do I need a domain?

There is no domain required. We can also manage Systems which are not integrated into a domain. Of course our products also work with components which are part of a domain infrastructure.


Which installation requirements are necessary?

In general a Windows Microsoft SQL data base-as well as network share is required. The share can either be a simple share on a Windows operation system or a respective configured share on a Linux system.


Do the devices require a hardware refitting?

No, our solution is merely software based and integrates seamless into your existing infrastructure. If required, it is possible to deliver the hardware components for our product ondeso DC as well. Alternatively we use for that the systems provided by you.


How extensive is the implementation work?

This depends on the extent of your to be managed infrastructure. From experience we need only a few hours in order for us to install the solution if the installation requirements are met. It takes only a few days to be able to manage the entire infrastructure actively with it.


Is there a component required on the devices?

We offer different opportunities to collect information and attach greatest importance to joining different information sources. In order for us to gain a first overview existing inventories are proficient, which can optionally be complemented by passive or active scans. Additionally, information on network components can be consulted in order to further complement the picture of your infrastructure. In order to actively manage your components as well as for detailed information on the respective devices we count on an agent as a final step. This agent can be integrated seamlessly and resource kind into the devices and can be installed with negligible effort. With this you receive detailed system information and you can automate recurrent tasks on the devices.


ondeso SR

ondeso SR offers asset management, software deployment, endpoint management, disaster recovery and network management, among other components.


ondeso OM

With ondeso OM you can define central guidelines to keep track of your global production infrastructure.


ondeso DC

ondeso DC allows the secure use of USB storage media in the production environment, including testing, permissions and logging.


ondeso HM

ondeso HM allows you to effortlessly monitor the vital values of your computer components and actively alert you to critical conditions.