• Increased security while using of USB storage media
  • Specifications for content check can be defined freely
  • Integrity check before every usage
  • Temporary release for certain devices
  • Checkpoints for the import of external data
  • Usage log for USB storage media

The shield for your data transport

Do you exchange data via USB storage media? Do external partners bring data and programmes on USB flash drives for maintenance purposes to your company? ondeso DC offers the opportunity to limit the resulting risks with technical security measures and to implement extended protection.

ondeso DC installs a data lock for USB storage media and checks these according to your specifications – before they are used in your company. You can grant clearance for certain devices after a successful check by virus scanners and further checks for content. This ensures that USB flash drives can only be used on devices for which they have clearance, and that there will be no changes of the data content between check procedure and usage on the end device. Additionally, the usage of the respective storage medium is logged and evaluated; therefore in case of an emergency, you can react quickly and concisely.



The data lock is the first system to which data storage media are connected before they are allowed to be used in your infrastructure, and ondeso DC is utilized in order to carry out a content check according to your specifications. If the check is successful, a release for certain end devices can be granted. If the check fails, usage of the USB storage medium is not granted. Thanks to the logging of the check procedures, you can always keep an eye on the current status.



ondeso DC can be used to determine on which target devices the use of a USB storage medium is allowed and for which period this dedicated release should be valid. This allows you to prevent accidental or deliberate usage on other systems. In addition, the clearance refers to the data available at the time of checking. If the data is changed after checking, the clearance loses its validity.



Checking the legitimacy of an USB storage medium is carried out at the respective end device. There, the validity of the clearance for this device as well as the integrity of the data are checked. If this check fails, the medium will be blocked immediately. This effectively prevents data infiltrating or leaving your systems unchecked and prevents jeopardising your production.


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Technical Requirements


ondeso requires a Microsoft Windows Server 2016 or a newer version as server component, as well as a Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Instance. Additionally, a share via SMB, CIFS or DFS is required, which can also be provided on this server. Optionally, an existing active directory can be used for authentication.


On OT clients, at least Windows XP SP3 or Windows Server 2003 SP1, respectively, are required for full functional range. Hardware requirements are 1 physical core, 20 MB RAM and 150 MB hard drive capacity. For Linux, the basic function of inventory is currently offered.



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