Pioneer and Market Leader for Challenges in OT

Cooperation in partnership based on mutual trust forms the basis for our actions. In a very exciting market segment, where high tech IT meets high availability requirements with intergenerational system architectures in heterogeneous operation situations, we transformed our innovative concepts into products which can be adapted to the respective requirements without problems. They form the basis for an integrated IT operation and IT security in OT operation environments and can be designed upon existing OT operation processes. With this ondeso positioned themselves successfully with various clients in different industries and advanced to market leader in this field.

By now hidden champions and global player´s confide with the management of their industrial infrastructure in ondeso.


Mercedes-Benz Group and Daimler Truck

Since 2014, the automotive manufacturer, at that time Daimler AG, has been utilising ondeso in their factories. By now a worldwide roll out takes place and each production facility will be equipped with our software in the near future. This makes ondeso the central IT operating component in the production and manufacturing facilities.


thyssenkrupp Steel

In 2013 the intergenerational computer and operation systems in production needed to be listed and integrated into the service and maintenance processes. This was the central basis for decision-making in using ondeso products.



nobilia, one of the most innovative and leading production companies when it comes to automation as well as production planning and control decided in 2015 to deploy ondeso products in their facilities.



Since beginning of 2017 Storck KG has been a client of ondeso. The implementation of ondeso products started with the facility in Halle/Westphalia, and meanwhile the facilities in Berlin and Ohrdruf also use ondeso for the IT operation management in their manufacturing facilities. Hence, the IT operation management of all in the manufacturing facilities deployed computer systems of the Storck plants are carried out with ondeso.