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Nowadays, the tremendous significance of a secure IT operation in production, manufacturing and infrastructure systems cannot be denied – and the responsible managers increasingly adapt their actions to this necessity. This applies to facility operators as well as to machine and plant manufacturers.

Different production processes, the exceedingly high heterogeneity of the existing production and control systems as well as their enormous life cycle of more than 30 years present special challenges. Moreover, the responsible employees do not only have to possess process and operation knowhow but also IT knowhow. In order to meet these growing requirements special IT management systems like those provided by ondeso are required.


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Building up new facilities and continue to use what has already been tried and tested is currently posing an obstacle for industrial companies. This applies in particular to production and infrastructure facilities that have grown over the years and now have to meet new requirements.


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Machine and Plant Manufacturers

Increasing IT penetration and the growing number of
software components do not only pose challenges,
but also open up opportunities for the launch of sustainable,
innovative services.


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