Professional Services

Our staff in Professional Services have been collecting knowledge from all our client projects of the last years. We have seen many feasible solutions, have mastered challenges together with our clients and consider every newly occurring problem as a challenge to establish stabile environments for and with our clients and to develop efficient operational procedures.

Professional Services is made up of specialists with conceptual experience for operating systems, network technology, software and update management or packaging. Our specialists are team players, support and complement each other, and are able to provide you with best solutions regarding quality and quantity. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel, and don’t make the same mistakes others made before you: outsource tasks you do not have the time for to our experts.

You can count on us when you face any problems.


Industrial IT & IT Security Expertise

Our experiences and best practices in the field of industrial IT and IT security support you with the implementation of all requirements and guidelines. Benefit from our and our partners‘ expertise and gain free resources for dealing with your upcoming tasks in the course of maintenance 4.0 by automating reoccurring processes, which then can be executed in a systematic and standardised way.

Implementation Support

You can choose between having ondeso’s products merely installed and your staff members undergoing training, or ordering “full service”. In this case, ondeso carries out the installation and the optional integration of the system into your infrastructure (Active Directory or WSUS) as well as the implementation of existing and new processes. Moreover, in case of temporary staff shortages, standardised solutions by ondeso offer the opportunity to delegate certain tasks to ondeso Professional Services or to other ondeso partners.


Operation Concepts

Particularly in production relevant and production critical environments, common specifications are necessary. We support you with generating corresponding concepts, from best practice scenarios concerning individual areas up to the complete documentation of important processes in your company, while putting the focus on maximum availability of production, drastic minimisation of the error rate, and comprehensive protection of your knowledge.

Training & Workshops

Our products carry the label “Designed for Industrial Usability”. We aim to support you in order to implement your tasks in way that is simpler, quicker and more systematic. Therefore, we not only offer training for our own software but also for adjacent areas like IT security, planning and purchase of OT.
No matter if your employees need basic training, detailed knowledge in a certain field or conceptual solutions – we see it as our commitment to support and enable you comprehensively.


Any questions?

Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you.


ondeso for Plant Operators

Manage all industrial PCs in your OT environment easily and efficiently. ondeso SR can be installed on all Microsoft Windows clients from Windows XP SP3, regardless of the machine manufacturer.


ondeso for Machine & Plant Manufacturers

Remotely capture and manage the industrial PCs of your installed base and deliver new machines with ondeso SR to ensure product security and provide modern maintenance for your customers