ondeso IB for Machine and Plant Manufacturers

“Industry 4.0”, “Industrial Internet of Things”, “Digital Transformation” – these are far more than mere slogans. They describe real, rapidly evolving developments with massive consequences also and especially for machine and plant manufacturing. The increasing IT penetration and the growing number of software components do not only bring about challenges, but also open up opportunities to launch sustainable innovative services. In particular, IT operation itself and IT oriented services for delivered facilities and installed basic systems become more and more important.

ondeso offers all services needed. These can be carried out “by-the-way” and do not require huge investments for machine and plant manufacturers. The solutions by ondeso can be implemented smoothly during the technician’s next visit or even remotely. They can either be managed in self administration or by ondeso. After all, we also offer comprehensive service for our customer’s infrastructure.

Here you will learn how to achieve a secure and documented working condition of the OT systems, from both new and existing installations:



During the engineering phase, it is  essential to look towards the future and include topics like IT security,  implementation requirements, and future upgrades into your planning. With the appropriate solutions of  ondeso SR we support equipment  suppliers in deploying and updating their installed base.



As soon as the facility is in partial or full assembly, it is also important to prepare and document the IT setup in order to ensure the defined  delivery state later on and to keep an overview of the plant’s state for  future expansions. This enables you to react quickly and reliably to  customer requirements in the future.



After testing and approving the  facility, it is disassembled and  transported to the operator. Once there, the plant must be put into  operation quickly. Automated  standard procedures, which can be  configured with the help of ondeso  beforehand, can assist with the  necessary processes and ensure a  documented delivery state.



In the operating phase, which is  supervised by the field service and represents the longest lifecycle phase, equipment suppliers can  relieve the plant operator with  support models such as the release and installation of security- relevant updates. With ondeso you are able to perform these tasks on site by a technician or remotely. Even already delivered brownfield installations can be recorded with ondeso without any problems, thus opening up new sales potentials  for existing customers.



At the end of the life-cycle of a plant, it is often checked if it can be recycled or refurbished. If that is the case even in this phase procedures have to be followed. An up-to-date asset management helps to make reliable statements about the current operating status and whereabouts of the devices. In addition, evaluations of the degree of utilization can be carried out if required.


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ondeso SR

ondeso SR offers asset management, software deployment, endpoint management, disaster recovery and network management, among other components.


ondeso OM

With ondeso OM you can define central guidelines to keep track of your global production infrastructure.


ondeso DC

ondeso DC allows the secure use of USB storage media in the production environment, including testing, permissions and logging.


ondeso HM

ondeso HM allows you to effortlessly monitor the vital values of your computer components and actively alert you to critical conditions.


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