Field Service & Operation

The operation of a facility and its systems can often be extended over a period of several decades for reasons of investment, cost, efficiency and optimisation. Neither equipment supplier nor operator are able to predict all arising questions, risks, and opportunities in this period. They should however face the practicalities and the challenges of doing so working together.

According to the operator’s understanding, parts of the tasks, e.g. the installation of relevant security updates to operating systems and software, can be represented by the equipment manufacturer as a possible support model. As an alternative, the operator can carry out these tasks themselves. They can however provide the supplier an insight into changes and the up-to-date status of the OT components with the help of solutions by ondeso.

Over the years, the brand new facility becomes the existing plant or Brownfield site. In addition, checking and servicing the old devices regularly is required. Even after support from the manufacturer of the operating system is discontinued, individual software components may require updates or maintenance tasks have to be carried out, such as cleaning up log files or archiving project data.


Infrastructure Analysis

Get a complete and up-to-date overview of your industrial IT environment.


Client Status &

Easily monitor the client and security status of your OT components.


Software &

Integrate installations and updates into the ongoing operation of your production.


Data Backup &

Schedule regular backups to be prepared and able to react calmly in case of emergency.


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