• Easy overview over all facilities
  • Transparent data accumulation
  • Monitoring of company key figures (KPIs) in the field of OT
  • Uniform requirements for corporate compliance
  • Objective basis for discussion and coordination with the responsible staff members

The interface for a global overview

ondeso OM supports you if you are responsible for several facilities. Facility operators as well as machine and plant manufacturers (OEMs) can use ondeso OM in order to keep an overview over different locations, no matter whether their own systems are concerned or their client on site.

ondeso OM transfers necessary information from each facility to a central instance in order to manage overall status. Furthermore, companywide specifications across different sites can be defined. Smoothly running production is always top priority, even if the final decision is made by the person responsible for the machines on site. This approach guarantees that different instances are on the same level and decisions can be made on an objective basis. Collected information can be verified with set targets. If a critical deviation occurs, an alert will be initiated automatically.


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Technical Requirements



ondeso requires a Windows Server 2016 or a newer version as server component, as well as a SQL Server 2017 Instance or a newer version. Additionally, a share via SMB, CIFS or DFS is required, which can also be provided on this server. Optionally, an existing active directory can be used for authentication.

ondeso OM Client

On the ondeso OM client, at least Windows 7 SP1, respectively, Windows Server 2008 SP2 are required for full functional range. Hardware requirements are 2 physical cores (Dual Core CPU), at least 512 MB RAM
and 1 GB hard drive capacity.



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