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Building new systems and retaining proven methods – this surely is a factor of success in industry and manufacturing industry. This is all the more the case as developments like industry 4.0, Internet of Things and the rapid digitisation pose serious challenges in particular to facility operators – challenges that need to be addressed.

The automation components in facilities are increasingly pervaded by ever more complex IT systems. In addition, the necessary interoperability requires comprehensive infrastructural IT connections. That holds especially true for production and infrastructure facilities which have expanded over years and must now be overhauled to meet the new requirements.

This is precisely what the custom-fit products and solutions by ondeso facilitate, thanks to the comprehensive management of different IT systems. Existing and newly added IT components can be run comprehensively and intergenerationally, which secures not only their high availability but also a quick restart after downtime.

Here you will learn what you have to consider with the management of your OT systems during the entire lifecycle of the facility:



When planning or commissioning a new facility, or upgrading and refurbishing existing facilities, the operator should consider the security guidelines and IT requirements. We can support you in that with ondeso SR.



As soon as assembly of the facility begins at the equipment manufacturer’s site, the operator needs to prepare the required infrastructure and implement or adapt last minute details such as network addresses, communication paths, and integration into the company process. Defined and standardised processes for these tasks are helpful.



At start-up, the facility will be integrated into the ongoing operation. The facility has to be integrated into an existing domain infrastructure or virus scanner repositories. Additionally, default passwords have to be changed and important security updates installed. A secure data transport is an important part of this.



During operation of the facility, possibly over decades, the IT components as well as the mechanics have to be regularly maintained. These include tasks such as tidying up log files, securing project data or installing relevant security updates. With ondeso SR you can automate these tasks and integrate them into in-house procedures without any problems.



Regardless of whether the facility is to be decommissioned entirely or just be refurbished, procedures have to be adhered to in this phase as well. With the help of ondeso you can carry out the procedures consistently and obtain important asset information and evaluations concerning the level of utilisation of the facility.


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ondeso SR

ondeso SR offers asset management, software deployment, endpoint management, disaster recovery and network management, among other components.


ondeso OM

With ondeso OM you can define central guidelines to keep track of your global production infrastructure.


ondeso DC

ondeso DC allows the secure use of USB storage media in the production environment, including testing, permissions and logging.


ondeso HM

ondeso HM allows you to effortlessly monitor the vital values of your computer components and actively alert you to critical conditions.


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