How can 20-year-old

technology be

managed securely?

Minimise the damage potential of random or targeted infections of your IT systems in OT infrastructures effectively

Each branch of industry is facing different challenges. With manufacturing companies, the focus is on increasing efficiency and digitalisation, with transport and logistics companies, time management is prevalent, with the process industry, it is all about monitoring and optimising all process steps. However, the central problem feared by all industries equally is the sudden failure of machines and facilities.

There is nothing worse than standstill on a production line, the loss of resources due to disruption of chemical processes or downtime of a process control system. A production stop in a facility loses a company a lot of money and time. It gets even more dramatic if, for instance, a provider is struck by a hacker attack and entire districts can temporarily not be provided with electricity.

With ondeso, you can proactively manage the IT components of your machines and facilities in a quick, reliable and user-friendly way and guarantee the long-term availability of your OT devices.


Manufacturing &
Producing Industry

As a result of increasing digitalisation, companies must adapt to rapid developments. Here ondeso provides support.


Process Industry

It is important to continuously monitor, measure and optimise all production phases. With ondeso you create the basis for a secure and documented IT operation.




Top priority is to ensure security of supply. ondeso provides tailor-made management systems for the operation of IT systems of critical infrastructures.


Transport & Logistics

At the heart of this industry are distribution centres with their computer-aided, highly automated components. ondeso offers intergenerational products and systems and secure IT operations.


Automation & Process Control Engineering

Processing of production parameters in real time, increasing automation and handling of big data becoming increasingly important. ondeso supplies the necessary tools for IT operations.


ondeso OT for

Building up new facilities and continue to use what has already been tried and tested is currently posing an obstacle for industrial companies. This applies in particular to production and infrastructure facilities that have grown over the years and now have to meet new requirements.


ondeso IB for
Machine and Plant Manufacturers

Increasing IT penetration and the growing number of
software components do not only pose challenges,
but also open up opportunities for the launch of sustainable,
innovative services.