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Building an OT organization: Expert Talk with Max Weidele / Part 1

The fact is: Every manufacturing company – whether it is aware of it or not – has an OT organization. Structuring and managing this organization in a fast-paced, digital world can be a major challenge.


In the first part of this Expert Talk, we discuss the topic of “OT organization” together with our interview partner Max Weidele and address the following questions:

  • How can the current form of OT organization in the company be structured and made future-proof?
  • How do you find and define the right people responsible for the OT?
  • Production IT, automation IT, factory IT – which areas are covered by the multi-faceted OT organization?


Our two interview partners have a lot of experience and know-how: Max Weidele is the founder of the free knowledge platform “Sichere Industrie” with numerous expert contents on OT & OT Security. He is the CEO of the same-titled engineering office and is involved in a wide variety of future projects in networked production. Peter Lukesch, COO of ondeso, worked for a long time as an IT security officer in a NATO task force and as an officer in the German Air Force and was also responsible for IT security in office and production environments as an IT director.


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A little foretaste on the subject?

Right at the start, Max Weidele explains one of the most basic facts about OT: Every production or automation company already has an OT organization, even if it is aware of it or not. Whether it is the commissioning of switches, the modernization of a WinCC solution or other activities that arise in production IT – someone in the company is already doing these jobs. However, the structuring and implementation of these jobs is not properly organized in many cases, as the topic of OT is in many respects in the dark and not prioritized.

This in turn means that the company is no longer fit for the future. In order to be adapted in the modern industry and to be able to drive an efficient production, it is important to organize the internal OT properly. To do so, the responsible groups of people should be identified and filtered out using a simple list of questions. In this way, there can be created an OT organization whose  role distribution and contact persons are clearly defined.

In production, a wide variety of terms are often used to describe  the complexity of an OT organization: Production IT, Automation IT, Factory IT – all these terms ultimately describe only a fraction of what a good OT organization actually includes.

For more information, watch the video of our Expert Talk.


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