November 06, 2020 / LR / Reading Time: 1 min

Podcast: How production and maintenance staff keep their production IT up-to-date

You often hear sayings like “Never change a running system” or “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. What do these hint at? To the patch management of machines and plants in the OT environment. You might think that a functioning machine does not need any updates at all, because after all it works and often performs its tasks reliably for decades. However, if a problem occurs, the entire production line is usually at a complete standstill for a long time, causing immense costs.

So is the saying “Never change a running system” still relevant? Should the installed base be patched and updated even though it seems to work perfectly and if you want to patch it, what is the best way to integrate this task into the running operation? ondeso CTO Martin Stemplinger, COO Peter Lukesch and Wolfgang Kräußlich from the trade magazine “Produktion” have answered these and other questions (German only).

You can listen to the audio version of the podcast here. The recording is also available on many popular podcast platforms like Spotify, Deezer and Co.


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