August 27, 2019 / PL / Reading Time: 1 min

The Three Steps to Agile IT-Management

The first step to an agile IT management is a Proof-of-Concept (PoC). In this phase we provide our technology for your infrastructure, configure our systems accordingly, and analyse the components existing in the network. Additionally, a small number of non-critical systems are rolled out in order to test application scenarios and automated processes in a secure environment. Here you have the opportunity to gain first-hand experience with ondeso SR, to test your planned procedures in a realistic environment and optimise those procedures for deployment.

During the next step, the roll out, the structure of your infrastructure will be planned and implemented so that it can be managed as needed and at a suitable level of detail. The previously manually executed work steps will be transformed into automated processes. We will actively support you and assist you with any questions you may have. Here we are able to draw from a vast wealth of experience from previous client projects and be able to recommend successfully deployed procedures. In this phase, the active IT management processes will be extended to your entire infrastructure facilitating the acquired knowledge gained during PoC.

As we do not see the deployment of our software as one-time project, we put utmost attention into the day-to-day operation and continuous improvement of the procedures during the third step. A possible goal can be to minimise the manual steps of procedures even further or to derive organisational guidelines from the project findings in order to reduce down-time.

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