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The „WE“ is ondeso: Peter Lukesch

Peter Lukesch is part of the management and better known as the resting point of the company. No challenge is too big for him, no task is too complex for him. He always approaches things with care, without losing his humorous and motivating manner. His visible characteristic is his beard, his invisible recognition feature is his Bavarian dialect.

In 2019 he celebrated his comeback at ondeso as COO, because what some of you probably didn’t know yet: He already worked for ondeso as Head of Professional Services from 2013 to 2016. In this interview he tells us what he is doing all day and how he likes working at ondeso.


Let’s start with a quick Q&A session:


Team creative chaos or team tidiness?
I am a big fan of creativity and of everything that stimulates it and arises from it. Basically, however, I am more likely to be in team tidiness.

If there would be a biography about you, what title would it have?
My fellow students at the university gave me a T-shirt once with the saying “I can do everything. Except accent free German!”.  I think that’s it. At least I can be interested in (almost) everything.

What do you like about working at ondeso?
For one thing, the freedom to help create and develop everything. Since I have been working with ondeso for a while now, I also think that building up a company, the different challenges and topics are very exciting. In addition, we only have colleagues with whom it never gets boring, and I also like to meet up with one or the other in private for a football game or a barbecue.

Soccer or Formula 1?
The short answer: Formula 1 – Soccer only as a patriot at European or World Championships. But Formula 1 is also becoming less and less attractive – I’m more interested in the WEC (FIA World Endurance Championship) endurance races. With the ondeso colleagues, however, American Football is more of an important issue. In almost every office there is a fan of another team and on Mondays there is a need to talk about interceptions or “Hail Marry” passes.

End of working day! What is your balance?
Family and friends and everything that goes with it. Working in the garden with my girls or cooking and barbecuing with friends. Especially the grilling and smoking of long-jobs like ribs or pulled pork up to 18 hours is what I like. And with all this music has to be played!


Now things are about to get serious:  


What exactly is your job at ondeso and what does a typical working day look like for you?

Since 2019 I am COO (Chief Operating Officer) at ondeso. As the name suggests, I am responsible for the trouble-free running of the company. The direction that our CEO Rolf-Dieter Metka sets out and what we decide together in the management must then also be reflected in the tasks and changes of the individual departments. Each of us has core areas that fit his or her activities. Our CEO has among himself the areas of finance, sales, marketing and the administrative departments. Under our CTO Martin Stemplinger are the technical areas Development and QA. I am primarily responsible for the Product Management and Professional Services departments. These areas cover everything that concerns communication with our customers, from new requirements and support to the implementation of rollouts or other projects.

Typically, I arrive at the office shortly after eight o’clock and go around all the departments at the location to greet everyone and to get a feel for the general atmosphere and the first hot topics. Depending on the current situation and the applicable hygiene regulations, this can also be done in digital form. At the latest at our Daily Meeting at 09:00 a.m., I will get in contact with all employees and we will have a short exchange of ideas.

The rest of the day is primarily spent attending various internal meetings, such as Product Owner Meetings, to help prioritize development issues and make decisions in the interest of our customers. This is only one important internal meeting, but even more important are the coordination meetings with our customers. Clarifying upcoming projects, agreeing and pursuing goals and recording needs. Otherwise, I try to take time in between for simple, quick decisions so that our employees can continue to work independently on their topics and, if possible, are not slowed down.


How would your employees describe you?

Probably as being curious. As someone who knows or has heard something about every topic, wants to know something or at least thinks he knows something. Especially in the IT sector I have already worked in several positions besides my electrical engineering studies with hardware related topics. As a Delphi developer I helped to develop and administrate a system for data maintenance and evaluation of aeromedical test persons. I was responsible for IT at the German Bundeswehr and responsible for the compliance of IT security in weapon systems. In addition to a few years of consulting, I have also been IT manager in a publishing house, which had an office area as well as a production area for printing and dispatching newspapers. I also had a stopover as department leader and Head of IT in a hospital group, where I worked intensively on the connection of medical equipment, data protection and hospital information systems. Furthermore I studied economics and I am always curious to see what else I could learn.


What did you want to become as a child and what led you to ondeso?

When I was a kid I wanted to do “something with computers”. I didn’t realize until a long time later that there is also network technology, IT security, storage systems, etc. My idea was more of what an administrator is. I originally came to ondeso through an application for a Delphi programmer job. Actually, I wanted to continue my leading activities from my time at the German Bundeswehr, but I hadn’t found anything adequate in the area of Regensburg and therefore applied for the programmer job, because I was also working as a Delphi developer for four years. Lucky coincidence was that ondeso just wanted to establish a new department and therefore they were looking for someone to build up and lead this department. So I became the Head of Professional Services.


Thanks for your time Peter!


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