thyssenkrupp Steel

thyssenkrupp Steel is one of the world’s leading suppliers of high-grade flat steel. With around 26,000 employees, thyssenkrupp Steel supplies high-quality steel products for innovative and demanding applications in a wide range of industries. Customer-specific material solutions and services associated with the material steel complement their range of services. With an annual production volume of around 11 million tons of crude steel, they are the largest flat steel producer in Germany.

In 2013 the intergenerational computer and operation systems in production needed to be listed and integrated into the service and maintenance processes. This was the central basis for decision-making in using ondeso products. This established the basis for an extensive utilisation in the manufacturing facilities on all production sites of thyssenkrupp Steel.


Three questions to …


Volker Husemann

Senior Expert / Workplace- & Softwaremanagement
Digital Solutions / Digital Platforms & Infrastructure

thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG


What challenges did you face before the implementation of ondeso?

Our most important challenge was to inventory all assets used in the shop floor in order to establish a central management. Another focus was to ensure the operation of our assets and to optimize our IT processes. Only those who know their systems can manage them effectively.

How has working in your production environment changed since then?

By taking an inventory of all assets, we are now able to carry out and manage processes such as patch-, backup- and security management centrally, flexibly and automatically. All relevant information can be retrieved online or as a report at the push of a button. This helps us to make our systems more resistant to cyber attacks and ensure a stable production.

Why did you decide to use a product from ondeso?

The software ondeso SR and ondeso DC convinced us by their modular structure, their expandability and their special focus on production. With this software we can manage our OT infrastructure securely and economically. Another positive aspect was the dedicated team, with its broad know-how and high sensitivity for production. The possibility of flexible further development of ondeso’s software, together with the customer, was another positive aspect in the purchase decision.



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