• Automatic monitoring of the vital signs of your infrastructure
  • Easy detection of overloads
  • Development of utilisation in chronological sequence
  • Alerts in case of threshold deviations
  • Preventive measures to avoid errors

The fitness tracker for OT components

Are you looking for a simple method to monitor the vital signs of your computer components in production? Information on hard drive use, CPU and RAM utilisation or an overview over currently running processes are useful in order to recognise problems in time.

ondeso HM allows you to collect and process these insights automatically and define alerts accordingly. This increases the degree of autonomy for the system even further. The time interval for data collection as well as the precision of values can be defined freely, which offers you an overview of the chronological sequence of the values. You can define specific thresholds per system or group representing different critical conditions. In case of deviations from these thresholds, you will be informed automatically to enable you to carry out a detailed check or to initiate measures for sustainable problem solving immediately.



ondeso HM uses an agent-based solution to collect vital signs of your computer components. The interval for aggregating the required values can be set freely. Hardware data like hard drive usage or CPU and RAM utilisation as well as process information on the currently running programmes and services can be collected. This ensures that you are informed about the state of your systems at any time.



Monitoring your systems with ondeso HM guarantees that consumption and utilisation of resources lay within the specifications. If necessary, you can define thresholds on each system or you can determine thresholds for entire groups as guidelines to monitor similar types of systems. In case any deviations occur, you will be informed immediately and be able to take appropriate measures via ondeso HM.



The alert function of ondeso HM guarantees that all information are passed on to the appropriate station. Instead of checking the defined threshold values for vital signs manually, they are monitored for you automatically. If the values exceeded or fall below the threshold, an alert is generated to indicate the incidence. This guarantees that warning signs are recognised in time and dealt with accordingly – before they grow into a problem.


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Technical Requirements



ondeso requires a Microsoft Windows Server 2016 or a newer version as server component, as well as a Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Instance. Additionally, a share via SMB, CIFS or DFS is required, which can also be provided on this server. Optionally, an existing active directory can be used for authentication.


On OT clients, at least Windows XP SP3 or Windows Server 2003 SP1, respectively, are required for full functional range. Hardware requirements are 1 physical core, 20 MB RAM and 150 MB hard drive capacity. For Linux, the basic function of inventory is currently offered.



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