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Record and secure the IT components in your OT-infrastructures.

The solutions offered by ondeso are adapted to our clients’ needs and have been developed and tested specifically for the application in an industrial setting. ondeso rises up to the varying challenges offered by different branches of industry and turns them into tailored products and services.

The fact that all components have the same source makes it unnecessary to handle different consoles by different manufacturers for every product. Furthermore, it is possible to integrate ondeso into existing IT environments without high demands to the infrastructure, allowing ondeso to support your work perfectly.


By Challenge

The lifecycle of OT components is characterised by a wide variety of challenges. Everything is about ensuring maximum availability of the plants and systems. This comprises various tasks.


By Industry

Each branch of industry faces different tasks. However, the central problem that threatens everyone equally is the sudden failure of machines and systems.


By Market

The enormous importance of secure IT operations is undisputed today – and the responsible managers increasingly adapt their actions to this necessity. This applies both to plant operators as well as to machine and plant manufacturers.


By Role

Different roles in a company go hand in hand with different tasks that have to be mastered. Common tools, such as those offered by ondeso, facilitate collaboration and provide all users with the same data base.


Professional Services

In our customer projects we collect valuable knowledge on a daily basis.
If you like to outsource certain activities or have specific questions, please find further information here. Our experts are ready for the next challenge.