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Whether Greenfield or Brownfield – keep an overview of your IT systems in every lifecycle phase and manage them securely and efficiently.

From engineering of new industrial facilities to building and operating up to shutting-down – operator and equipment supplier work together to find optimal solutions for the operating company in order to create the best possible overall system in the most efficient way.

Regardless of which phase an individual machine or an entire factory is in, whether it is newly engineered and built (Greenfield), or it has been already operating for several years and has to be upgraded/refitted (Brownfield), suppliers and operators are facing ever faster and larger challenges. Critical infrastructures (KRITIS), IT security law 2.0, and standards like IEC-62443 increase the pressure on matters which are not an inherent part of the actual production tasks but are however a very crucial part nevertheless.

For this purpose, ondeso provides a standardised, equipment manufacturer independent, and solution adaptable to each industry with optimal support in order for individual concepts to be integrated into the company’s procedures.


Engineering &

During the engineering phase, it is important to look towards the future and decide on issues concerning security guidelines and IT requirements. With ondeso SR we are able to support you in this.


Interior Assembly &

As soon as a facility is in partial or full assembly, it is important also to prepare and document the IT setup as well as the required infrastructure. Standardised processes can be useful in this.


Field Assembly &

Automated standard processes which can be configured beforehand with the help of ondeso SR to support the required procedures and provide for a documented delivery status.


Field Service &

During operation of the facility, the IT components and the mechanics have to be regularly maintained. With ondeso you are able to carry out these tasks remotely as well as on-site.


Recycling &

At the end of the operational life of a facility, it is often evaluated to determine if it can be recycled or refurbished. If that is the case then even in this phase there are processes that have to be adhered to.


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